Dining Room

Dining Room

MM Furniture was originally founded on imports of rich mahogany dining room furniture. 15 years later, the classic Chippendale and Sheraton mahogany dining room collections remain a cornerstone of our company’s business. However, our large store now offers a broad selection of dining sets traversing many varieties.

In accommodation of the worlds ever changing trends in style, we now offer more categories in contemporary and transitional styles than we do in the classics. Highlighting today trends of grey and espresso colors, sleek, smooth lines and large selections of natural finish and reclaimed wood, we now have the largest variety of dining room styles to meet both the modern and classic appetites of our customers.


  • What size table can I fit in my room? Add 6 feet (120 inches) to the length and width of your table. This provide comfortable space for the dining chair to be pushed out so your guests can get up and away from the table.
  • For high end and high finish tables, consider our custom made table pads to protect the table top while in use. Our table pads will provide heat and moisture protection, fold up and store easily, and may be ordered in a variety of colors to blend with your surroundings.
  • How many people will sit at your table? Average place settings use about 20 inches of table top space. The size of your chair will usually be the limiting factor when determining how many can sit at the table. Many straight leg table can be 18 or 19 inches wide and allow more guests to sit at the table. Our classic chairs with bent cabriole legs can take up 24 to 26 inches per chair and require much larger tables.
  • Table Stability – legs versus pedestals. Tables with four legs will always be more stable than a pedestal table, but restrict the number of chairs you can place along the sides. Pedestal tables are customer favorites for appearance, but will always have some degree of sway in the table top (except for the extreme heavy solid wood tables).
  • Round ends look great but limit the number of chairs that can be placed on the side of the table.
  • Solid wood versus veneer – Solid wood is great for transitional tables with straight lines and few adornments. Solid wood is also the preference for Casual or distressed pieces such as our Farm House tables. Veneered table can add great beauty and formality to the otherwise ordinary rectangle MM Furniture carries a wide variety of both solid wood and fancy veneered dining tables.